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4G Connectivity is Driving a New Era of Productivity in Pakistan

4G Connectivity is Driving a New Era of Productivity in Pakistan

Mobile technology is continuously advancing and most improvements are often dismissed as insignificant. With more than 300 start-ups being launched in Pakistan annually, it is stimulating growth for the country. But complementing these innovations with 4G, you can expect significant life changes.

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Quite recently, Pakistan has been making huge strides in the field of telecommunications with the inception of the 4G internet technology. With the increasing investments to develop the 4G ecosystem in Pakistan, it is evident that technology is an engine for economic growth, one that will help existing businesses to grow while encouraging investment from overseas.

The technological advancement in Pakistan has been a rapidly unfolding phenomenon. From shaping and reshaping the patterns of official businesses, trade-related matters, medical cures to fatal ailments, world politics, foreign policy goals, and academic debates to online researches for students, electronic, print and social media cross-cultural interactions, contemporary trends and the lifestyles 4G has risen to become a household name.

This internet sensation came to Pakistan back in 2014. Four years down the lane, it has been a win-win situation for all. Rightly put, the internet has made a sizable impact on Pakistan’s widely mushroomed telecom sector. And the circle of this technological innovation has been ever expanding.

Zong is regarded as a 4G market leader in Pakistan’s telecom sector with over 6 million 4G users in Pakistan. The telecom giant captures the lion’s share having more than 50 percent of the 4G market share. The company has earned the reputation of being a responsible corporate entity whose fiscal pursuits do not come at the cost of comprising its professional principles, social obligations and ethical standards.

From launching the matchless mobile broadband devices (MBBs), smart car devices to offering highly affordable voice and data packages and then ensuring absolute network coverage throughout Pakistan, Zong 4G shines atop the horizons of leading digital innovation and prominence.

More importantly, Zong 4G has risen to earn the distinguished privilege of being the-one-and-only telecom enterprise that ensures fully-powered cellular and internet coverage in the far-flung and hard-to-access remote areas in addition to the thriving mainstream cities.

Be it developed cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gwadar or less developed spheres in Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Zong 4G has established a rock-solid digital footprint at every nook and corner of the country.

In the areas of interior Sindh, the online businesses involving sale and purchase of the handmade items like traditionally crafted dresses, utensils, pottery, homemade decoration pieces and embroidery have seen a remarkable boost. Many vendors involved in the online trade of these traditional items have confirmed that Zong 4G’s affordable bundles made it easier for them to use 4G services at nominal charges and compete at a global scale.

Additionally, Zong 4G’s technological advancement has helped to promote journalistic activity, particularly in those downtrodden areas.

“Over a couple of years or so, the quality of reporting from peripheral areas and far-fetched localities has notably improved and the TV viewers, internet users and newspapers readers in main cities tend to get a very clear picture of what is going in the distant areas. But a reliable and fast 4G network like Zong has added to our convenience to promptly update our viewers with the latest news across Pakistan.” shared a senior reporter, Salman Abduhu.

In a short span of time Zong 4G has become a prolific tool in bringing digitalization, novelty and technical advancement in Pakistan’s telecom history.

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