Thursday , 21 February 2019
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3 ways the Internet of Things is shaping brand-consumer relationships

3 ways the Internet of Things is shaping brand-consumer relationships

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For several years now, a connectivity revolution has been slowly brewing all around us; everyday objects like recycling bins, dishwashers, and smoke alarms are going online one by one, adding to the fabric of the Internet that connects us all.

As we connect more and more items to this Internet of Things (IoT), the relationship between consumers who use the objects and the brands that manufacture them will invariably change. Staying relevant in the era of IoT will require important changes from businesses as they learn to manage and leverage this new dynamic.

This white paper delves into three ways these brand-consumer relationships are already changing, as well as how businesses are adapting to the IoT.

  1. The IoT creates direct brand-consumer channels: In order to nurture deeper customer engagement, brands must be readily equipped to offer a seamless authentication experience.
  2. Data streams offer ways to improve the brand-consumer relationship: The real value of the IoT for businesses and consumers alike is the continuous stream of data that will be created from connected objects; and the businesses that effectively use this data equip themselves to form closer relationships with their consumers.
  3. Security and privacy necessitates trust-based consumer-brand relationships: The IoT poses security concerns for consumers as they open themselves up to the risks of data breaches, and it’s up to businesses to take actionable steps to guarantee infrastructural security and data privacy while communicating these measures clearly to users.

If building customer relationships was hard before, the IoT promises to make the task an even more difficult proposition. However, failing to to do so in a world where even the simplest of objects will be directly connected to our lives guarantees irrelevance.

For a deeper look at how to navigate the IoT, download the free resource, “A Marketer’s Guide to Navigating the Internet of Things.

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